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Sioux mothers made them for their babies. Good cold desert air sashayed in from an open door and bellied up to our good cold cans of Coors.


It hung there like a compass needle all the way back to the Phoenix airport. The town is overrun by an energetic, spiritual sales force eager to sell you chakra lube-jobs, high-frequency cornmeal, numerology lotto tickets, a second birth, a third eye, and a WATS line to someone named Babaganoosh from the planet Troom, of whom you may ask your most monumental Life Questions, like:



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  1. So my husband and I retreated to our remarkable bedand-breakfast, the Saddle Rock Ranch, directly across the draw from Coffee Pot Rock.

    Sedona has in fact become the new-age Neiman Marcus.

    It looked like a fat-bellied lizard made of buckskin and beads; it was hanging from a hook by a thin leather noose.

    She had reduced the price by half. They stuff their birth cords inside.

    We forsook the delicate ancho-chili-and-pine-nut cuisine of Enchantment Resort—the Santa Fe—style tennis resort that fills the red cavity of Boynton Canyon. What I already had was a bad case of brain cramps.

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