Awkwardness after rejection

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Her behaviour afterwards like many others before her does leave somewhat of a sour taste in my mouth, purely because I can handle rejection and I'm always respectful towards the girl. I think the bigger question is, if she's uncomfortable with going out with me, how do I make sure things aren't awkward between us as friends? I'm pretty sure that I can just pretend that nothing has happened and it will be business as usual.

Awkwardness after rejection

I hope that helps. How can I recover after pushing for a new milestone and failing?

Awkwardness after rejection

Awkwardness after rejection

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  1. Mauzragore

    I'm pretty sure that I can just pretend that nothing has happened and it will be business as usual. I hope that helps.

    Believe you me, I'm already in the process of moving on from this girl and given the fact I haven't liked her for very long makes it all the more easier to move on from. They don't know how to act around you anymore so instead they just kind of avoid you.

    But I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie, but it would be nice to meet a girl who could handle the aftermath a bit more maturely instead of 'treading on egg shells'.


    If I started swearing at her, or throwing my toys out of the pram then yeah her ignoring me is understandable.

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