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EurLex-2 en When the clementine tree was discovered in Algeria in the s, plants were frequently brought to Corsica and planted there. We work with the marketing of the region through the board of the agency.


We have over clients on an annual basis that require assistance in business start ups, restructuring, marketing, financing, grant application and other general issues. Is proactive regarding the search of new business and investment opportunities for the region. An economic growth agreement that is funded by the Ministry of Industry.



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    Participates in and takes an initiative regarding the economic policy of the region. LDS en From the example of the Wise Men who came to worship Jesus, students learned that if we sincerely and diligently seek the Savior, we will be guided to Him.

    A cluster of the major seafood companies in the region that cooperate on issues and projects that can enhance the sector and the region. Disseminates information regarding technology, management and financing and assists in grant and loan applications Promotes increased professionalism and better management with seminars and conferences.

    Is a sub regional tourism cluster focussing on our strengths regarding the popular Latrabjarg cliffs and the charming southern region of the Westfjords. EurLex-2 en b they keep, for one year from the time of arrival of the potato tubers at that facility, records of the potato tubers handled which originate in demarcated areas.

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