Attractive piercings

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The typical healing timeframe for a cartilage piercing is 6 months. The conch piercing can be found either in the inner or outer portion of the conch the inner curve of the ear. Much like the Conch, the Rook piercing is a relatively new name to the popular list of piercings.

Attractive piercings

Does this mean that men should never get facial piercings? Tongue piercings are the top piercing in most cultures around the world.

Attractive piercings

Attractive piercings

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  1. It is usually one of the first places you will think about getting pierced if this is your first dance with the needle. These piercings are along the outer ridge of the upper ear.

    Cartilage or helix piercings are some of the most common piercings around next to ear lobe piercings.

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