Asian thigh gap

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Her thighs were touching. In other words, the problem shouldn't just end with us. The same is true for thigh gap.

Asian thigh gap

The response to her article was electric and Lawley was invited to speak about thigh-gap prejudice on America's NBC Today. But even if we would grant that policing underwear-model body types was somehow defensible, this instance illustrates how it would fail as a practical matter. The thigh gap has its own hashtag on Twitter, under which users post pictures of non-touching thighs for inspiration, and numerous dedicated blogs.

Asian thigh gap

Asian thigh gap

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  1. The cute, aegyo, or kawaii girl is pouty, submissive and ultra-feminine. It's a path to an eating disorder.

    Thus shows the inanity of trying to regulate such a thing as thigh gap.

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