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Is not need to talk about witch suburb is better then other, we need justice to be done and strong police force to STOP ALL the crimes in our city The Urban Wellness Project, a health food store and natural therapies clinic, sells nutritional and eco-friendly products that support small-scale farmers and producers around the globe.

Ascot melbourne

Please enjoy be safe and always look around just in case one of those members of the Apex Gang may be watching. If you living in Melbourne you are not safe , were ever you go it will be some one watching to make their move to robe you assaults you breaking in to your house , point you with a gun when driving a more expensive car or simple is a they just want to have fun , what about that , this is our city in this days

Ascot melbourne

Ascot melbourne

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  1. Dogs can go off leash here, and there are lots of trails for walking and cycling, with some that lead to the river for fishing and canoeing. We need to stop all these crimes.

    Is not need to talk about witch suburb is better then other, we need justice to be done and strong police force to STOP ALL the crimes in our city

    The government need to check who is getting in to this country , To many of them have criminal history , is that type of life we want for our grand kids in a future???

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