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Multiple thin radiolucent metal foreign bodies were noted in both hip regions. Do that by clicking the green button below. Both the acetabular cup and femoral stem were fixed in acceptable positions Figure 2.

Art of charm pdf

Susuk, charm needle, cultural practice Abstract We report an unusual incidental radiographic finding of this 71 year old Malay lady who suffered a closed neck of femur fracture due a fall at home which had undergone total hip replacement at our establishment. Examination of the right breast revealed a previous mastectomy scar with intact skin without any sign of local recurrent axillary lymphadenopathy.

Art of charm pdf

Art of charm pdf

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  1. Embolised injection needle fragment to the heart, mimicking a subcutaneous charm needle.

    The fact is performance in the arts requires a special understanding of virtuosity that must be narrowly applied under appropriate conditions.

    The diffusely swollen left hip was tender on palpation, held in partial flexion position with its motion restricted by pain.

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