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On the western slopes near Bendemeer, Bundarra, Kentucky and Tenterfield the country is granite, with extensive sandy loams. A short distance to the east of Armidale are heavily forested steep gorges dropping down to the eastern coastal plain. On the Western Slopes Caley's ironbark Eucalyptus caleyi , McKie's stringybark Eucalyptus mckiena , red stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhynca , river red gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis , rough-barked apple Angophora , silver-leaved ironbark Eucalyptus melanophloia nophloia , tumbledown gum Eucalyptus dealbata , white box Eucalyptus albens and white cypress pine callitris columellaris are commonly found.

Armidale new england

February — nearly every home in Narrabri was flooded. Rainfall during the winter months not infrequent but is usually light.

Armidale new england

Armidale new england

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  1. In the late 19th century several gold and antimony mines were established at places such as Halls Peak and Hillgrove , as well as two ambitious hydro-electric schemes to power them, the remains of which can be seen today along the Styx River and at Gara Gorge. The team then spent several weeks charting the tributaries between the Gwydir and the Barwon Rivers.

    A week of very warm sunny weather can be followed by several milder days with temperatures right back at winter levels before gradually warming up again.

    Asbestos was first mined at Woodsreef, also near Barraba, from to the s. The eastern rivers are short and swift, and in many places form deep gorges and waterfalls.

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