Are my parents too controlling quiz

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Babies are dependent on parents for a reason. I have no idea how to set boundaries because she plays the victim. One thing i know, in one year i move out of state due to my bf being in military and that will be the day I can leave this unhealthy relationship behind and raise a healthy minded daughter who is not being treated the same way I got treated by the same person.

Are my parents too controlling quiz

He picks up a fight with just about everyone, and thrives on adrenaline rush. The manipulation and constant mind "f""ck" have left us in a state of anger and anxiety.

Are my parents too controlling quiz

Are my parents too controlling quiz

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  1. Parents with a mile long list of rules that are not to be broken will wear themselves out trying to keep up with every infraction and discipline kids appropriately.

    Signed - A woman ready to live out her own purpose in life Brandy 3 months ago I have a codependent mother that has always leaned on me.

    Every time I hear her say that, I feel terribly guilty.

    They need help recognizing that your independence is something they can take pride in. My dad was verbally abusive to my brother and mother but so much to me.

    As the months went on, my parents continued to pressure me about ending the relationship. I apologize for the wordiness of this question!

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