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Annual Review of Entomology, It includes wasps , bees , and ants , and consists of many families. Such parasites include ichneumon , chalcid qq.


Larvae are legless and blind, and either feed inside a host plant or animal or in a nest cell provisioned by their mothers. The tree is not fully resolved.



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  1. A phylogenetic study of the antenna cleaner in Formicidae, Mutillidae, and Tiphiidae Insecta, Hymenoptera. The phylogenetic tree gives a condensed overview of the phylogeny, illustrated with major groups.

    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Beneficial members include the bee q.

    Apocrita - evolutionary transitions among parasitic wasps. On the evolutionary genetics of social wasps and the phylogeny of the Vespinae Hymenoptera, Vespidae.

    Insectes Sociaux 34 1:

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