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Users of the Adagio Accounting and its add-on products. May 28 - 30, Learning Together On behalf of the entire Softrak team, we cordially invite you to the Adagio Opportunity Conference.

Aoc homepage

Benefits for learners Learning is easy and fun, is achievement and performance driven, can be used with the technologies of the day and develops learners. Through educational sessions and networking opportunities at AOC, you will discover how other delegates at AOC have successfully implemented changes to improve the business and fix those same issues. Chances are that your peers at other organizations wrestle with these same issues.

Aoc homepage

Aoc homepage

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  1. If proficiency in Adagio Accounting is important to the efficient operations of your business, you must attend the Adagio Opportunity Conference. Technology skills gained are being used by learners to help them cope with varsity workloads and research.

    You will hear strategies for meeting your company's business goals, developing best practices, and making the conceptual jump from just debits and credits to meaningful corporate insight. Attendees who have benefited from this conference include:

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