Anal sex advice for couples

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If you need to, tell him to go slower; tell him to stop if it hurts and make him stop! If you want to do something else, get vaginal weights.

Anal sex advice for couples

Then work it up to a bigger finger, and massage to get you ready for his penis. Find a good brand of lubricant; it will be even better if you buy one special for anal sex.

Anal sex advice for couples

Anal sex advice for couples

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  1. Besides this, a condom will help him to avoid accidentally spreading some bacteria that is naturally on the anus to your vagina. Always remember, this part of your body was not designed for penetration, so he cannot handle it the same as your vagina.

    Anal sex advice 6: This is a golden rule, once you guys have chosen to go for anal sex, you cannot go back to vaginal sex on the same time; unless, you change the condom or clean up thoroughly his penis with water and soap.

    Check out the label! Could it be because anal sex orgasms are famous for being some of the best orgasms?

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