Video about ami9:

To see an example of the continuous video labeller, try: To get a fresh copy of ne-types. You should find that your original label disappears and only your most recent annotation survives.


Try editing the ontology in a couple of ways, restarting the named entity coder you can exit the tool using control-c in the terminal window and looking at your changes on-screen. Save the file and start the named entity annotation tool again:



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  1. As an example, we commented out the description of the movement layer in your copy of the AMI metadata.

    You can also allow the annotation of pairs of elements, and label the pairs. If you get stuck and can't undo your edits, you can take a fresh copy and try again:

    There are some tools for viewing competing annotations graphically though as a rule these are less well supported. If your annotation task can be cast as one of these, you just need to create an XML configuration file for your task.

    Try to create a nested named-entity by sweeping out a word with your mouse and labelling it using a keyword shortcut, then sweeping out a region that contains your new annotation and label it with a different keyboard shortcut. Other NXT corpora and tools etc Other Corpora There are a number of corpora available in NXT format some of which have one-meeting samples available to play with before you download.

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