All or nothing personality

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Instead of jogging right to the top of a hill nearby, I decided to just run to the first bend and then add a bend each day until I get to the top easily. I hope you will join this friendly competition!

All or nothing personality

As the person keeps devaluing things that way he can learn the all or nothing thinking. Depression and the all or nothing thinking When a person gets depressed things usually seem very negative to the extent that the person can learn to adopt the all or nothing thinking as he classifies many things negatively. Is there an area in your life which you know is out of balance?

All or nothing personality

All or nothing personality

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  1. I hope you will join this friendly competition! For these people, so much expectation and effort can be attached to achievement that their sense of self and personal worth becomes bound up in what they do and how they do it.

    This can bring about a fear of failure that drives individuals beyond their tolerance levels. However, the signs that such an imbalance is beginning may not be noticed or heeded until it is too late.

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