Align dating app

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Compatibility descriptions based on your sign. You are asked some basic questions about your location, birth date which will allow Align to determine your star sign , sexual orientation etc.

Align dating app

Through the size of the match's profile image in the constellation Through an in-depth compatibility report, specific to their two signs Users choose to Align with matches they feel connected to and if both people Align, they'renotified and can message through a private in-app chat Co-founder Helen Grossman articulates the uniqueness of the app: The fact that you only receive five options a day makes it very easy to lose interest in using the app when none of those matches are appealing. Faragher and Grossman The main motivation behind its development is to help merge romance-seeking young people of all orientations who are looking for more substance than the current, traditional dating apps offer.

Align dating app

Align dating app

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  1. From there, I was instructed to put in my birthday, which then brought me to a list of traits that matched my star sign.

    One would think so.

    As always, we recommend you visit DoYouAlign.

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