Alfords point

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There are a number of early childcare and preschool providers in the area catering to the under-fives, with a preschool conveniently located near the Alfords Point shopping centre. There are two ovals in Alfords Point that are used for soccer and football matches, as well as cricket.

Alfords point

Residents interested in a gentle walk or cycle have plenty of well-maintained bush tracks to choose from. Alfords Point offers substantial, well-constructed brick homes featuring large living areas and three or more bedrooms.

Alfords point

Alfords point

Alfords Wear Piont School serves the subsequent needs of children in the alfords point and it also forums as a hub for many equivalent activities. Secondary humiliation is provided by a range of akin clear schools in neighbouring assaults. Alfords point

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  1. Indeed, some of the loveliest home sites in southern Sydney are located in Alfords Point, particularly those on the banks of the river. There are two ovals in Alfords Point that are used for soccer and football matches, as well as cricket.

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