Air pressure dating sim

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It is vague as to whether this a "good" ending or a "bad" ending, but I suppose in a normal dating sim, this would be considered the "neutral" ending. You are being presented with one story while unknowingly experiencing another.

Air pressure dating sim

You either stay with her and end up in the hospital, deciding that you cannot go on without her and that she's necessary to be happy, or stay with her, knowing that you won't be happy, but not sad, too scared to live or be with her, but comfortable with each other, or you kick her out of the house. Leigh is clearly shocked and upset by this, but only briefly objects before accepting your decision, albeit sadly, after having thought that you genuinely relied on her presence and companionship. The flash version is here.

Air pressure dating sim

Air pressure dating sim

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  1. If I missed anything, or incorrectly numbered a choice all too easy with a game like this , please leave a message and correct it for me.

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