Affair stages

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Hopeful February 22, at 2: Now it is second nature. He works with many beautiful professional women and often travels and attends work social events.

Affair stages

I do feel that it will always be part of our marriage but at this point we use it as a talking point and a topic that we address related to our current reality. She stated that she has not talked to him since. I think it is different for everyone.

Affair stages

Affair stages

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  1. I do stress though for us my husband really acted like he was fine that entire first year after dday and even now he gets more emotional than I do when the topic comes up. I wish you all the best and I hope that you are able to work through this.

    Reply TheFirstWife February 16, at 6: He has gone away at other times but with lots of discussion.

    My H is still Lying I do not think he knows the truth anymore. If anything even questionable happens he needs to tell me asap.

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