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Despite average surface ocean iron concentrations of just 0. In bottle incubations from the Sargasso Sea we found the addition of Fe complexed to an excess of the siderophore desferrioxamine B DFB limited Synechococcus growth and stimulated the growth of heterotrophic bacteria in a concentration dependent manner. Despite average surface ocean iron concentrations of just 0.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The DFB inhibition could not be explained by thermodynamic or kinetic models of Fe' or co-limitation with other metals. Gene distribution, metagenomics and a novel immunological flow cytometry assay in the Costa Rica Upwelling Dome were used to estimate the importance of Fe stress.



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  1. Despite average surface ocean iron concentrations of just 0. In many parts of the ocean their growth is limited by a lack of iron, an essential nutrient that is virtually insoluble in seawater.

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