Activemq vs rabbitmq

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The Java standard JMS only describes the interface, which serves applications to communicate with a broker. When using the mesh of brokers it is understood that you connect to one of them, where a message is published or consumed. The description starts with the established ActiveMQ broker.

Activemq vs rabbitmq

The visualization is integrated in Apollo and realized by the Swagger tool. For the administration Apollo offers a simple web console as the following screenshot shows: For programming in Java or other languages client libraries are available.

Activemq vs rabbitmq

Activemq vs rabbitmq

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  1. The integration into JBoss will certainly also help to its spread. The independent reviewer concluded that he had been able to set up a replicated queue on two nodes and insert objects, but his requirements were still not met.

    Its installation runs quickly and easily at Windows and Mac OS.

    MyTopic, as the publishing destination. For other brokers, there are similar results.

    RabbitMQ uses these properties to route the message to the appropriate queue, from which a consumer receives the message using the same code from the first example. Further, several brokers can be connected to a Network of Brokers.

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