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In August it editorialised that Media Watch "lacks journalistic integrity and conducts its affairs along the lines of an insiders' club that pushes its ideological prejudice at taxpayers' expense". The mini-stories are in essence a shorter version of the main series in-depth format, introducing the story and explaining the problem. But today a judge ruled that even though the program did defame Mr Richard Carleton and two colleagues, it was fair comment and no damages were awarded.

Abc iview media watch

The fact that it was not "impartial" was the key to its unpopularity in certain quarters, but also to its importance and success. No program more effectively scrutinised the politics and practices of the contemporary commercial mainstream media — the rise of commentariat Islamophobia, the scandal of "cash for comment".

Abc iview media watch

Abc iview media watch

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Media Place scrutinises all imperative outlets, and has criticised its own downgrade, the ABC. The situation found that the women were untrue and sustained to award any chats.

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