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Turn right on Jim Garrett and continue 4. This is sometimes done because the property is not ready for sale or because the customer needs more time. A "HOLD" usually refers to property that a customer has reserved by paying a small deposit.

62e mos

Go through gate, continue 0. Meridian 6 is on new road to left.

62e mos

62e mos

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  1. Click here for a map of the Main Street area. It is normal for public maps and GPS maps to be years out of date, so, of course, the newest roads are not visible on them.

    Located just north of where I crosses over Daddy's Creek. Click here for a map of the Plantations area.

    We will either have requested the owner remove the item or be trying to locate the owner.

    Tracts are on the west side left coming from Mayland.

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