60 year old women sex

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These commonly used terms speak volumes about how society views older people who are interested in sex. I've had everything from a cancer operation to shingles, and I'm still sexually active. Men may suffer from impotence or have more difficulty achieving and sustaining erections as their blood circulation slows and testosterone levels decrease.

60 year old women sex

The topic may well lose some of its taboo status, however, as the baby boom generation enters its later years. It also produces hormones that are good for restoring tissue. In many cases, dryness can be relieved by something as simple as using a water-based lubricant like KY Jelly.

60 year old women sex

60 year old women sex

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  1. Studies suggest the opposite is true, and that regular sex can actually reduce your risk of a heart attack. Some experts, in fact, worry that these drugs may cause an upsurge in AIDS in people over 50, because they are not likely to take precautions; they urge older people who are dating to practice safe sex.

    The study found that nearly half of all Americans age 60 or over have sex at least once a month and that nearly half also wanted to have sex more frequently. But armed with a spate of studies that help dispel the myth that older people don't have sex or enjoy it, experts say the negative stereotypes couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Doctors can offer other remedies for more difficult cases. Some sedatives, most antidepressants, excessive alcohol, and some prescription drugs have side effects that interfere with sex; a doctor can help adjust medication or set guidelines on alcohol intake.

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