5 years and no ring

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As a child, I never dreamed of having a wedding, I only want it now because I think I stumbled on the right person just early in my life I have offered to, instead of getting a diamond ring, opt for a simple band and use the money for a pre-nup. Marriage is very tough decision for a man to make, so if the relationship is still healthy and you feel as though he is considering marrying you, be sure not to give him any reason to change his mind. My boyfriend has been supporting me in this process the entire time.

5 years and no ring

I don't want a big ceremony, just our closest family and friends. Share or comment on this article: You do this by making yourself less and less available to him, which will prompt him to take the lead.

5 years and no ring

5 years and no ring

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  1. I've expressed that marriage is something important to me, because it's a public ceremony that shows our partnership to our family and friends which will be needed for our extended family to see us as a "real" couple.

    Both opinions are equally important so listen carefully to the feedback they give you. If at this point he is in a comfortable place financially, and he still feels the same way about you as he felt in the beginning, he will want to do something to take your relationship to the next level because he wants for this experience to continue on and remain exclusive.

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