4 hour work week tim ferris

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According to Ferris, we should all use methods to arbitrage the actual productivity of others - such as email friends and colleagues for information rather than finding it ourselves, despite the fact he also espouses avoiding all such requests from others, getting them to 'channel' their communications into forms that you can either ignore or answer as quickly as possible, preferably through an executive assistant. Ferriss was capitalizing on the same prerecession white-collar malaise that made the The Office one of the most popular TV shows in the country.

4 hour work week tim ferris

Much of what Ferris recommends just plain doesn't work I'm talking from experience. We want to work, and we have to work , to keep society running.

4 hour work week tim ferris

4 hour work week tim ferris

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  1. Must we endure miserable commutes and repetitive stress injuries fifty weeks a year in exchange for two weeks of vacation?

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