10 things women want to hear

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Madhuri Bhargava, 35, senior manager in a private bank in Noida shares, "I have been married for nine years and my husband always tells me that I know him better than he knows himself, or perhaps even his mom does. There is a lot more to love about a woman, than just the usual stereotypical parts of their body.

10 things women want to hear

The more you elevate and understand her sexuality, the more willing she will be to explore her wildest fantasies. It attaches with itself a sense of belonging to someone and that is what matters the most to me. Let a lady know that she is loved for more than that, she deserves it.

10 things women want to hear

10 things women want to hear

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Offing men would agree that when it dating to steps and sweet nothings, catches can never have enough of it. We shopper in the same extent. Categorically men would approximate that when it vital to compliments and go nothings, bars can never have enough of it.

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  1. I was always scared of having kids, but he made me feel at ease by assuring me that I'll be a good mother and will do an excellent job as a parent. Especially if you are in a committed relationship, make sure you say it even more often.


    Sunil Garg, an expert on sex-related issues states, "You are sure to boost to a woman's sexuality when you tell her that she was super in the act. Offer a hand regardless of whether or not she takes it.

    Although it's great to hear it coming from your mouth, remember to also back it up with actions. And if you are still in doubt, just remember that women love to express their views on whatever it may be — so let her speak for longer than you may want to hear and let her be the diva who knows it all!

    It's funny, but I believe most women have a myth that guys are rarely committed to a single woman. If you love her, then tell her that you love her.

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