10 pin bowling darwin

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Terms of the lease vary, commonly "3x3" 3 years with a 3 year option , "5x5x5",etc. To protect the privacy of the Seller this email is forwarded to Australian Business For Sale first for verification. Just twelve years old when he picked up his first bowling ball, Bruno Maglieri was following in his mothers footsteps.

10 pin bowling darwin

It's more after the event that they sort of look back on it and think 'I want to get better', and 'I want to be up the top and compete' and you seem them put the work in after the event. Leasehold - The property is occupied on a rental basis, under a lease.

10 pin bowling darwin

10 pin bowling darwin

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  1. As a senior member of the team, Maglieri enjoys seeing new competitors emerging in tournaments like the Arafura Games. She played in a regular competition, and during school holidays, Bruno hung out at the local bowling alley, and was soon quite competitive.

    With the competition came hard work, and eventually success. The current owners are prepared to provide all training required to operate the business and there are well established policies and procedures to follow with current well trained staff.

    Genuine buyer enquiries only. If you would like to watch Bruno compete in the Arafura Games Ten Pin Bowling, pop down to the Nightcliff bowling alley during the games.

    Like all other Arafura Games sports, the event is free to watch. Leasehold - The property is occupied on a rental basis, under a lease.

    Price Suffix abbreviations Negotiable - Price can be negotiated W. With tournaments consisting of up to forty games a weekend, the physicality of the game comes into play.

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